Mobility and urban development, Basel 3Land

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Project title:

Trinational mobility study, 3Land (2016–17)

Main themes:

Integral planning of urban and mobility development, strategic urbanism, cross-border spatial planning Switzerland - France - Germany, coordination density - infrastructure - uses - access quality, international network, qualitative urban infill strategy, spatial structuration of traffic and mobility, future mobility and urbanism, revaluation of station areas, placemaking, regional management, redesign of street space, polycentric metropolitain region, network and territory, strategic intercommunal planning, planning instruments, long term development


Kontextplan AG (mobility), Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH (urban development, design of street space), Rapp Trans AG (traffic loads), Rapp Infras AG (environment)


Canton of Basel-Stadt, mobility department


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