Geneva main station

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Axo central station area

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Axo station and public spaces

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Axo interface central station and district Les Grottes

Project title:

Pôle Urbain Cornavin Genf (2017)

Main themes:

Reconstruction of a main train station with over 100'000 passengers per day, reorientation of the station by a new underground extension for regional and long distance traffic (change of passenger flows), treatment of development pressure in a small scale urban district, representation, further development of identity, synergies between a new central station and a sensible district restructuration, small station squares with additional district functions as interface between station and urban district, usage concept, dense pedestrian network, clarification of urban spaces, direct routing to improve orientation and wayfinding.


Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH (lead planners), Hager Partner AG (landscape architects), Basler Hofmann AG (mobility engineers)


City of Geneva


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Cornavin gare maquette voies
Cornavin gare maquette passages
Cornavin gare maquette deuxcotes
Cornavin gare maquette grottes
Ge cornavin princ 01 01

Pièce urbaine comme connecteur global

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Espace cohérent et perméable comme interface

Ge cornavin princ 03 01

Côté sud, façade et lieu de représentation de la ville

Ge cornavin princ 04 01

Côté nord, espace vivant à l’échelle du quartier

Ge cornavin pt affectations 01

Zoning guidelines

Ge cornavin pt espace public 01

Public space guidelines

Ge cornavin pt interface

Interface guidelines

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Urban morphology guidelines

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Pedestrian network guidelines

Ge cornavin pt tim 01

Car traffic guidelines

Ge cornavin pt tp 01

Public transport guidelines

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Bicycle network guidelines