We are an urban design office based in Zurich. Our office was founded in 2008 and is one of the leading urban design offices in Switzerland. We won many awards and prizes and are current winner of the Stadtlandpreis (Swiss urban design award, supported by the universities HSR, ZHAW, the FSU and the publishing house Hochparterre).

Unconventional ideas, pragmatic solutions

Our office is specialized in developing integral urban projects, especially in places with limited space, diverse usage requirements, and complex constraints. The combination of unconventional ideas, a sensitive approach to existing structures and pragmatic, functional and implementable solutions is our recipe for success.

Creativity, design and thinking

The need for interdisciplinary cooperation to achieve viable solutions is recognized. Here, urbanism plays an increasingly important role. It's not about collecting individual aspects into an overall solution, but about integral design concepts. In this way synergies arise in stead of conflicts. Creativity, design and thinking are therefore at the center of our work. We are in demand at home and abroad for the development of well thought-out, pioneering, future-oriented solutions.

All aspects of urban development

We have experiences in many fields related to urban development (traffic, architecture, planning, landscape architecture, social and economic aspects, conservation of monuments): In an early stage we can already integrate all main aspects of urban development in our projects. For further and more detailed clarification we work with selected partners and specialists.

Inspiring, well understandible plans and illustrations

An important aspect in our work is a clear and understandible representation of concepts and projects in order to promote an open discussion. The different stakeholders (local authorities, private investors, inhabitants etc.) get a fast overview of requirements, possible solutions and expected spatial effects.

Broad experience

We work in different scales and develop regional strategies, masterplans for districts and sites as well as designs for public spaces. We work on projects in cities, but are known for our sensitivity to rural areas. Our core issues are the integral planning of traffic and urban development, including the interaction with future urban mobility, the revaluation of town and village centers, especially with historic importance, strategic masterplanning of residential, industrial and commercial districts and the design of street spaces.