Design Guide Streets and Squares, city of Zug

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Project title

Design Manual Urban Streets and Squares, City of Zug (2021-2022)

Main themes

Design manual, design guide, set of rules, set of standards for urban streets, positive aspects of traffic, sustainable, space-saving modal split, street spaces, squares, bus stops, main traffic axis, neighbourhood street, residential street, crossing place, junction place, turning place, design principles, design criteria, urban space types, coordination between buildings - open space - traffic, addressing, building orientation, front gardens and fencing, street lighting, sponge city, urban climate, social space, lane stops, space-efficient bicycle traffic infrastructure, mixed traffic, shared space, element catalogue street furniture, pavements, surfaces, speed reduction


Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH


City of Zug


Design Manuel Streets and Squares

Project Handbuch Baukultur in den Quartieren

Project Stadtraumkonzept

Website City of Zug

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