Stadtraumkonzept Zug

Zug persp zentrum

Town center as heart of the city

Project title:

Stadtraumkonzept Zug (2017-2019)

Main themes:

Coordination urbanism - architecture - public space - mobility, open space urbanism, urban morphology, strategic urban planning, urban structure plan, landscape as basis for urban development, tourism, street space as attractive public space, public landscapes, cultural landscapes, urban economy, placemaking, urban prototypes, crossings as urban squares, contextual urban infill, high rise boulevard, productive city, innovative city, industry and business districts, corniche Lake of Zug / Chamerstrasse, connection and revaluation city center


Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH


City of Zug


Website city of Zug

Article Forum Raumplanung ARE, 1/2019

Article Stadtmagazin, 2019

Article Atlantis, 2019

Report Swiss Television, 2019

Article Stadtmagazin, 2017

Publication Zug 2050

Project Design guide building culture in neighbourhoods

Project Design guide streets and squares

Zug kompakte stadt 01

Compact city

Zug stadtraum nutzung 01

Relation buildungs / uses / open space

Zug strassenraum 01

Parcel-oriented development

Zug hochhaus 01

High-rise building as landmark and centrality

Zug landschaftskante 01

Relation with the landscape

Zug interaktion 01

Visibility and contact

Zug massstaeblichkeit 01

Human scale

Zug bogen zentrum 01

Integration spatial arcs of Zug

Zug dach nutzbarkeit 01

Use and access of roofs

Zug sichtachse 01

Strengthening special visual relations

Zug stadtraumkonzept


Zug persp freiraum landschaft

The landscape structurizes the urban development

Zug persp hochhausboulevard

High-rise boulevard Baarerstrasse

Zug leitbild gesamt

Masterplan urban development city of Zug

Zug landschaft

Landscape strategy

Zug panoramen

Panorama strategy

Zug quartiere

Districts strategy

Zug strassen

Urban streets strategy