Regional development strategy, Sursee–Mittelland

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Project title:

Regional development strategy Sursee-Mittelland (2012-2016)

Main themes:

Regional spatial development of a rural region, intercommunal cooperation (17 communities), integral planning of urbanisation, regional planning, strategic planning, small polycentric region, network and territory, strategic spatial development, innovative region, cluster-oriented development, future of small urban regions, mobility and landscape in a rural context, leisure and tourism, agriculture, blue-green network, revaluation of small town and villages centres, participation with scenarios and variants


Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH (lead; spatial development), mrs partner AG (mobility), Planar AG (Landscape planning, environment)


RET Sursee - Mittelland

Website RET Sursee-Mittelland
Article "Ein Konzept für die nächsten 35 Jahre"
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Scenario polycentric region, small towns

Sursee schema sz03a korr 01

Scenario railway as development line

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Scenario small sized agglomeration

Sursee schema sz02a multipol 01

Scenario polycentric region, villages and small towns

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Scenario Supersursee

Sursee schema sz03b korr 01

Scenario Triengerbahn

Sursee schema sz03d korr 01

Scenario Triengerbahn and Wauwilerbahn

Sursee schema sz03e korr 01

Scenario motorway as development line

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Scenario laissez-faire