Secteur-gare La Tène-Marin

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Project title

Test study station district La Tène - Marin (2020-2021)

Main themes

Development of a large, supra-regional workplace district, city campus, urban climate in industrial areas, green commercial area in high density, placemaking, productive city, productive village, overlapping of workplace uses, services, research, education, sales, industry, production, logistics in urban development, freight tracks, transhipment terminal, energy, connection to residential areas, pocket parks, upgrading of railway station area, extension of trolley bus line, attractive main road, greening, minimum sealing, delivery, parking, phasage, restructuring of shopping centre, networking, steering of heavy goods traffic


Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH


Municipality of La Tène, Canton of Neuchâtel

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