Projet d'agglomération franco–valdo–genevois

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Project title:

Agglomeration programm Franco-Valdo-Genevois (2007-2008),

Main themes:

Densification, new urban extensions, transformation of industrial sites at the city edge, polycentric metropolitan region, strategic spatial planning, strategic vision, international network, urban network strategy, cross border spatial planning France - Switzerland, spatial planning, redesign and reorganisation of traffic space in favour of public transport and soft transportation modes (pedestrians, cyclists), multi-modal mobility, network of green spaces, strong visual relations, identity and orientation, cost-efficient development of infrastructure (traffic infrastructure, schools, public institutions), land resource saving, blue-green network, participatory process


Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH, Metron a.o.


Canton of Geneva, Département Haute-Savoie


Projet d'agglomération 3ème génération

Project "Concept directeur régional Bernex - St-Julien"

Project "Concept directeur régional Gex - St-Genis"

Project "Concept directeur régional Genève - Annemasse - Salève

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