Business district Trist, Chur (competition, 1st prize)

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Project title

Business district Trist, Chur (competition 1st prize, 2021-2022)

Main themes

High-quality commercial area on the edge of the city, SMEs, compact development, urban planning and logistics, delivery and parking, coworking spaces and sharing, placemaking, productive city, service companies, production companies, attractive open spaces, representation and visibility, synergies between companies, synergies with agriculture (farm shop), view, topography, green roofs, sponge town, energy


Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau GmbH (lead planners, architecture, urbanism, traffic planning), Grand Paysage GmbH (landscape design)


City of Chur


City of Chur

Article Südostschweiz, 25.1.2022

Article Hochparterre, 25.1.2022

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